Crown Priness Fine Dining - 伯爵名宴

Finally, a restaurant that treats customers like royalty.

At Crown Princess Fine Dining, we sit amidst opulence, tempted by some of the costliest ingredients in the world. French maids bring out painstakingly prepared dishes. Even the washrooms are stately.

A new dim sum place has hit the downtown core! Located in Fifth Element's old spot, Crown Princess Fine Dining is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. We headed for the Early Bird special - $3.10 per Dim Sum dish before 11AM if you pay in cash. Fantastic presentation, delicious dishes, and great company - a perfect way to start my weekend.

Blown away by the elegance and charm, I had forgotten how different this restaurant looked before it became Crown Princess (formerly The Fifth Element). They had their grand opening about a couple of months ago and already, it’s the talk of the town. Write-ups are appearing in the Star, the Globe & Mail, NOW Magazine, etc.

I was very impressed. Crown Princess has raised the bar for Chinese restaurants. Imagine marble slabs worth thousands of dollars hanging on the wall, servers wear black ruffled shirts (resembling French maid uniforms), Louis the XIV furniture, fine china tea sets, and impeccable service. At first, I was skeptical. “How good could the food be?,” I thought. Well, I was wrong. The food was fresh and delicious. My dining experience was beyond my expectations.

I always want to indulge in some serious dim sum on the weekend. Something about the steaming hot dumplings, warm jasmine tea and delicate pastries that make the perfect bookend to a long week. I can only take so many servings of eggs benny every Sunday, before I'm looking to switch things up. I was thrilled to hear that a new dim sum restaurant had opened up near Bay and Wellesley Sts. in downtown, Toronto. Crown Princess Fine Dining is like dim sum inside a Vegas casino on speed times two. The Baroque decor, fine linens, interesting maid uniforms and the sheer amount of marble is over-the-top and the dim sum ain't bad either.

I have never seen such an ornate Victorian teapot at dim sum before. However! I have seen ads for a granite store on the side of a teapot in a Chinese restaurant in Markham. So how about that? The service was excellent and the staff were great about coming around to add more hot water at your table and filling your teacups for you.

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